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Added by anonymous on 14/8/08.


its almost usesels because everyone tests positive as a carrier. Its an opportunistic virus so most carriers dont see an outbreak until their immune gets low enough. Its not a serious STD by any means, I have dermatitis and dandruff and my arms breakout from an allergy to yeast and Id trade all that for a simple coming and going once in a while herpes blister in a heartbeat. So ruined thier life? Dont let jokes and societal views based off ignorance make it seem so bad. Look up alternative medicines and theres Valtrex and such to help outbreaks go away. Still transmittable sure but just avoid kissing them whenever you start to feel a tingle or itch around your usual spots for outbreaks because those are signs an outbreak is possible to occur soon and after an outbreak give it a few days. Keep em healthy which it shouldnt take a herpes scare to do so and they should be fine, cold sores is pretty much all they are. Stuff like peanuts and other things can bring em out. Lysine is a good supplement to take to help suppress it. Stop by a book store like Borders or something and read up on it in a Alternative medicine guide. With the number of people ive kissed im sure im a carrier but I stay healthy and worries like that dont come my way : )

Added by Micheal on 4/4/10.

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