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the girls




Added by RaptorFerret on 9/6/09.


Really glad to hear you are doing so well. I've been keeping up as best I can, but haven't had a cnahce to Skype yet. I'll be working tomorrow, but will make sure I can take a break to Skype you guys around 12 PST (which I think is 9 pm your time). Thank God for the Interwebs!

Added by Mody on 20/9/12.

说道:I'd been in 宣武门教堂 once at Christmas eve with friends. We were too far from the pelope singing in front of everyone and the church was crowned, so it was hardly to see anything. The time run fast. Now it's 17 years later. Happy New Year.

Added by Luis on 7/9/15.

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