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Horns and Tongues




Added by anonymous on 2/9/09.


Me and a friend were tlnaikg about this very subject last night. Then I drove home (approx. 12:30am), parked my car and what do I see: a women walking her dog in the park...staring at her goddamn iphone--UGH!! I saw a cop 'doing something' on his iphone the other day....while he was behind the wheel approaching the stop light! I saw a school bus driver smiling while 'doing something' on her iphone as well (also behind the wheel approaching a stop light).Question: Is it THAT serious? People who engage in such disconnected/connected (whatever) behavior look like f*ckin' idiots. This video is sad, man...I've never owned a cell phone in my life. If I have something to say to someone, I call them. Yeah...silly & outdated, I know.

Added by Abril on 7/9/15.

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