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Lurking in the shadows




Added by Mike on 11/12/09.


Mari, Hey There! Thanks for always bgnnriig a ray of sunshine with you!Kela, it's so nice to meet you!Wendy, yay!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit!Jennifer, thanks for all the smiles and hugs! I love them!Kelly, it's ok, I do that a lot too! Great to finally meet ya!Lynn, you're the best!!! Thanks sweetie! You are a true blessing!

Added by Dewa on 7/9/15.

It was there for a short time. it seems to prefer quiet, dark plaecs, such as the house late at night when everyone else is snoring. I'll stay up late again tonight and see if I can tempt it with some Reece's Pieces

Added by Tachibana on 14/2/16.

My turn to say HOLD ON, now don't go pulling a Roger Sterling and let us think you are stnrtiag to doubt your swagger- do I have to look up a Hare Krishna chant for you to get you back in the 60 s groove of things? I did listen to the CW podcast and it was coolio. Now to quote Don Draper, “You want some respect? Go out there and get it for yourself.” Regards to the most recent podcast, I was glad to hear Kate chime in as well. I am not suggesting any changes to the show format; just wanted to weigh in as a devoted listener and no worries. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the name could be officially changed to Mad Megan, I am growing wearing of her tantrums even though you both channeled the lyrics of Zou Bisou Bisou (kiss kiss) for her being a kind lady c'mon wake up and smell the spaghetti sauce! That Megan temper makes a fired up Sophia Loren look like a passed out Sally under the sofa [url=]zfbhksw[/url] [link=]ozkpkrkjg[/link]

Added by Jeco on 2/3/16.

I'm having so much fun rerbmeeming it. I watch MM on iTunes on Mondays. So I log off of Twitter/FB/etc on Sunday just before it airs. Imagine my amusement at seeing tweets on Mon. about some French song, etc. My mother had the original single & I used to dance around as a little kid singing it. Never did I think these memories would merge w/MM. Thank you, Matt Weiner, for having a thing for the 60s, including French pop culture:) xo/Susan

Added by Cul on 2/3/16.

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