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Inglorious bastard




Added by anonymous on 19/12/09.


Hey, your welcome. Suprised you acatlluy read my email about Mike Myers. Yeah I am surprised as well but to be honest .guys don't they come in for rehersal? And casting and audtitions? Doesn't Tarantno pick them because they are good and fit the part?

Added by Evaldo on 7/9/15.

I was there and wana wish you all the best but pleasealwys rmeember Oom Piet's word when he said love is all about communication and honesty. be blessed in jesus name Amen

Added by Janeth on 14/2/16.

I agree with you. Movies take reality and make it into sinothemg else.One thing that does bother me about this though, is when movies claim to be based on a true story or true event and you find that just the names or sinothemg little like that is actually based on reality.I like to watch a lot of true story movies. I accept that they twist the truth, I even expect it but I hate it when they use a small detail of the truth. They might as well have made up the entire thing. [url=]cduxwaso[/url] [link=]bspcwtvivn[/link]

Added by Alex on 2/3/16.

Oh I know what you mean. The main thing that prompted me to write this was when I was rienadg boards about movies like Inglourious Basterds. It's so funny how angry people get when someone wants to re-envision history for a movie. But I know exactly what you mean, many of those inspired by true events' movies that take a couple small truths and try to play the movie up as being the real deal is very annoying.Thanks as always for your great comments!

Added by Gerardo on 2/3/16.

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